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Annie Young


Annie Young-McNaughton is an innovator, champion, and leader for underprivileged populations. Through her diverse experiences, she recognized the need to provide a more comprehensive transportation service to those groups unable or unwilling to utilize Uber, Lyft and other private or subsidized programs.  Her brainchild, Kboose, seeks to facilitate transportation among seniors, minors, and those with limitations by adding customer support to a rideshare platform. Rideshares like Kboose have been recognized by the Harvard Business Review as a prime example of Network Orchestration, and its goal is to create a network of colleagues to share in its creation and value by providing transportation through collaboration.

 Annie conducted her due diligence and thorough research to identify a viable app development partner who could share in her vision.  After engaging with companies in Chicago, Ann Arbor and other locations, she settled on a firm in her home of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She oversaw all graphical designs and the wireframe structure development to clearly present its user interface and functionality to customers, emphasizing the key factors that would boost engagement and popularity within target demographics.

 In collaboration with their partners, Annie recognized the value of developing relationships within the healthcare industry, manufacturing and business sector and private organizations..  By collaborating with social organizations, retirement facilities, manufacturers and health care organizations, she hopes to display a significant ROI and cost-savings for riders through the use of Kboose. Annie and her partners are currently in the process of developing a proprietary website, designing all graphic layouts to support their goals with a clear presentation of ideas, as well as their vision.

 In the beginning, Annie sought out individuals who could provide significant input for creative development and business management.  By formulating a solid team and a strategic plan, they will nurture key investor partnerships that will allow them to drive growth and meet performance goals.  

 The most important KPI for Kboose is customer satisfaction. To meet this, Annie and her team has developed comprehensive standards, metrics and other deliverables that will ensure all participating drivers can meet and exceed the individual requirements of their passengers.  In the future, other rideshare platforms will look at the utility of self-driving and autonomous vehicles as a cost savings measure. Kboose however is committed to developing and maintains a driver pool that meets the service need and ensures the delivery of consistent quality for every customer.

Annie Young-McNaughton brings to the table more than 15 years of experience with relational database and technology management.  As an executive-level employee with Kent Quality Foods, she oversaw the comprehensive implementation of three ERP systems.   She mentored teams and cultivated a strong work ethic while collaborating with diverse departments, including accounting, distribution, inventory and purchasing.  Overall, she was able to successfully implement these systems 40% under budget.

Additionally, Annie was able to significantly enhance efficiency and workflows by developing custom software for their distribution department.  She collaborated extensively with specialist teams to ensure all relevant personnel received the necessary tools to track and organize distribution operations automatically.  This led to an overall revenue increase from $14MM to $28MM while maintaining their current labor resources.

At Bil Mar Foods, Annie was the first-ever female electronic engineer mechanic hired by the company.  She provided significant support to another ERP implementation, collaborating with a dedicated team to oversee the administration and integration of this new system.  She emphasized efficiency and productivity when organizing company wide data.  During this time she developed a fundamental understanding of leadership and team collaboration that she now utilizes on a daily basis.  

 Annie Young-McNaughton has studied at Aquinas College, ITT Technical Institute and other locations to develop the comprehensive skill set one needs to run Kboose.  With all major projects, Annie continuously looks for creative opportunities to synthesize best practices, communication methodologies and her technical expertise to optimize business units and foster team building among diverse demographics.

With Kboose, Annie hopes to give freedom back to senior citizens and those that face limitations and challenges.  By leveraging her extensive background in management and leadership, she hopes to create both a collaborative network and a viable business that will reflect her advocacy for underprivileged and neglected populations.