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Joel Vanderband

Joel is an entrepreneur, strategic financial thinker and aggressively enterprising individual. His education and career experience lie in financial and investment advising, developing and implementing efficient processes, and leadership.

As a partner in Kboose, Joel will focus in growing operations and processes of the rideshare platform. His experience with advising and financial investments, combined with his entrepreneurial vision, will equip him with a unique perspective from which to build the brand and product of Kboose.

The Kboose team members each possess an extremely different set of skills that, combined together, give Kboose exactly what’s needed to establish a concrete foundation from which the future of the business can be built on. With that foundation, a sound strategic plan, and the team’s passion to help those who face various limitations,

Kboose will nurture key investor partnerships which will allow the team to drive growth and meet desired performance goals. Comprehensive standards, metrics, and deliverables will provide a quality check by which all elements of Kboose will be measured, ensuring excellence across the product, process, and people.

After college, Joel worked as a financial advisor for AXA Advisors, ESI Financial, and Merrill Lynch. He worked with families to manage their debt repayment, retirement planning, and individual financial investments across all types of markets.

Joel then stepped away from the world of financial advising to pursue his entrepreneurial vision by co-founding an online grocery shopping and delivery service, Red Apron. The company, based in Grand Haven, offered customers an alternative way to shop for groceries. Red Apron was a unique blend of a quality IT platform and logistics operational process in the dynamic e-commerce space, and provided an excellent service to the community for five years.

Joel VanderBand studied at Calvin College, Michigan, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance. Throughout his schooling and career experience, Joel has sought out challenging and rewarding experiences that encourage out-of-the-box thinking, creative problem solving, and leadership development.

With Kboose, Joel is dedicated to improving the quality of life for so many senior citizens and individuals with various disabilities who are forced to depend on help from friends, family and often very expensive third party services. He aims to leverage his knowledge of operations and finance to ensure that a solid foundation is laid from which to launch the future of the rideshare app.