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About Us

At Kboose, we are like you. We know how stressful it is to be a full time working parent trying to care for your children and aging parents at the same time. Kboose is the clone you often wished you had, filling in the gaps when you cannot. 

We recognize our clients are often the most vulnerable in the communities we serve and include seniors, those with disabilities and families with kids. Because of this our Personal Assistants are fully vetted and are empowered to do things for or with our clients and they strive to address the real needs of every one of our clients as opposed to merely providing a service that acts as a band-aid.    

Kboose Assistants also go the extra mile to help our clients. When needed, Assistants help clients get to vehicles, stow their walker or wheelchair, and stay with them during appointments. It is also common to find a Personal Assistant shopping with clients, attending court appointments or even taking pets to the vets. At Kboose, we understand there is more to life than just Doctor’s Appointments and we designed our services to help those in our community live their lives to the fullest by individualizing every client’s experience to accommodate their needs. 

Our Assistants are some of the best, most caring people that you will ever meet. Many have past care-taking experience and have clean driving and personal records. We look for people who are above average so that you and your family will have an enjoyable experience. We pay our Personal Assistants and Advocates well and provide additional incentives so that they know we value them. We believe in creating a healthy community – each of us caring for each other.

When Was Kboose Born?

Kboose was born out of compassion and empathy and the realization that we can and should do better for the more vulnerable part of our society. For example, no one should have to stand outside a business office in the middle of the winter or a crime-ridden neighborhood for an hour and a half waiting for their appointment because that was the only ride they could get. Parents shouldn’t have to risk their job to pick up one of their kids from school when they’re sick or need to go home early. Moreover, quality of life activities or appointments shouldn’t be a burden to our seniors …think about it, wouldn’t it be amazing if seniors could get around as easily as those utilizing ride-shares from bars?


What Defines Kboose?

Simply put our values. Our business embraces compassion, empathy, and empowerment. This means our personal assistant’s goal it’s to make sure you feel safe and comfortable and that your needs are being met.

The Team


Annie Young: Founder – CEO

Annie Young is an innovator, champion, and leader for underprivileged populations. Annie launched Kboose  in 2016 and has worked with hospitals, senior centers, and government agencies to tailor the Kboose Assists Platform to be an affordable, yet comprehensive service. She has more than 15 years of experience in IT with database, project, and technology management. Her background allows her to design systems that create a collaborative yet effective network to serve the underprivileged and neglected populations. Annie attended GRCC, ITT, & Aquinas College.

Linda Langs: Partner – Director of Business Development

Linda Langs is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. She has launched six companies over her career, and developed the first Cable Advertising firm in the early 80’s, (Cable Ads of America, Inc.) a film production company (All Media Productions, Inc.) that produced the first  AIDS education films in the early 80’s (winner of the Gold Apple, Parent’s Choice, and Telly Awards)    co-launched the first Web Development Company in West Michigan (3rd Coast Technologies), a web marketing firm (Web Marketing Concepts) and an audio amplifier manufacturer (UpBeat Audio, LLC) home of the     Boostaroo® Pocket Amplifier. Linda is a graduate of Michigan State University.

Management Team: 

 Annie Young – Founder and CEO (IT background and 3 years of Entrepreneurship) 

Linda Langs – Partner 10%, Director of Business Development 

Jason Riley – Partner 2%, Marketing and Design Director 

 Additional Resources: SpringGR, Start Garden & 3RD Party Resources and Businesses 

Advisory Committee: Craig Klamer, Malcom Fenton, Manuj Sharma, Arianna Waller 

*Additional positions will be developed and filled as our business expands 


Kboose was a winner at the Start Garden 100 Ideas in 2018, A semi-finalist in the Dolphin Tank Grant Program in 2018, and a Semi- Finalist in the Ford City of tomorrow Challenge in 2018.

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