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About Us

What Is Kboose?

Kboose is a rideshare platform designed to work with seniors, those with disabilities and our younger population. We work to transport and empower those that can’t or shouldn’t drive.

Millennials have transformed the way we get around – and it’s truly amazing. They’ve created these networks and platforms that have revolutionized our transportation system. In their business models they predict the elimination of drivers by pioneering autonomous vehicles. So imagine this, a car could be programmed to come pick you up any time, day or night, 24 hours a day, and provide curb to curb service, with no driver to pay.

And that’s where the difference is. We go beyond curb-to-curb service and provide door-to-door service, or even a through the door service when scheduled. On top of that, we value our drivers and they will always be a valued partner in our business model. Here’s the thing, at Kboose we realize the individuals we serve are some of the most vulnerable in our society and we have built-in processes to protect them.  We also think our riders should have a say that they can choose drivers that they’re comfortable with and our apps will have tracking for third parties to monitor drivers accounts.

When Was Kboose Born?

About a year ago, Kboose was born out of compassion and empathy and the realization that we can and should do better for the more vulnerable part of our society.  For example no one should have to stand outside a business office in the middle of the winter or in a crime-ridden neighborhood for an hour and a half waiting for their appointment because that was the only ride they could get.  Parent shouldn’t have to risk their job to pick up one of their kids from school when they’re sick or need to go home early. And quality of life activities or appointments shouldn’t be a burden to our seniors …think about it wouldn’t  it be amazing if seniors could get around as easily as those utilizing rideshares from bars.

What Defines Kboose?

Simply put our values, our business embraces compassion, empathy and empowerment. Kboose is more than a curb-to-curb service, we are a door to door companion based service. This means our driver’s goal is not only to pick you up, but it’s to make sure you get where you’re going.  It means we take the time to walk you to your appointment, to  help you in and out of the vehicle and advocate for you in any way that we can.


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